Heat Insulation & Waterproof

AB Multi-Functional Silicone Cement (AB-MFSC)

It’s a big challenge to solve heat insulation and waterproof simultaneously when a building is constructed.

AB Multi-Functional Silicone Cement (AB-MFSC), a low cost, high performance and low maintenance composite materials is our perfect solution to the above dilemma.

AB-MFSC is a revolutionary high tech, high performance, high durability and low cost construction material. It is easy to apply and implement in the process of building construction.

Heat Insulation

Based on experimental results, the thermal conductivity of AB-MFSC is ONLY 0.0979, compared to the common use concrete, which has the reading of 1-3.6.

Hence the AB-MSFC enabled or equipped building will require less energy to cool.


During the construction process, the pores are always generated within the concrete. Hence affect the durability and waterproof effect of the concrete wall or floor.

Beside the waterproofing issue, the chemical reaction of water moisture, calcium hydroxide in concrete and carbon dioxide in the air cause main issue, including endangered to human health.

With AB-MFSC, the pores during the construction process are filled. Hence, no moisture can penetrate into the concrete wall or floor.


The Lab Test of AB-MFSC

This is a Lab test to show the effectiveness of AB-MFSC

The Process of using AB-MFSC

The process of cleaning the ground, and applies the AB-MFSC to the surface.

Carrefour Hypermarket

using AB-MFSC to insulate and waterproof a hypermarket's building

Yun-Tong and Bo-Ai Building

The implementation of AB-MFSC in two building in Taiwan

United Taiwan Corporation

Actual customer site in Taiwan

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